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Impartial advice helping you build a stronger financial foundation.
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What I do

  1. Discuss what assets you have, what you want to do, and how I can help.

  2. Review your use of IRAs, SEPs, 529's, Roth IRAs, 401(k)'s and 403(b)'s.

  3. Help you to compare your investment returns to the total stock market.

  4. Discuss asset allocation, risks and rewards.

  5. Review your return on cash investments.

  6. Look for ways to save money on your taxes.

  7. Help you prepare for your long-term financial success.

  8. Give honest straight forward, long-term recommendations.

  9. Advocate low-cost solutions.

  10. Offer simple, understandable suggestions.

  11. Offer recommendations that are generally conservative in nature.

  12. Bill you for my time.

What I do not do

  1. Sell investments.

  2. Sell annuities.

  3. Sell insurance.

  4. Sell real estate.

  5. Pick stocks.

  6. Predict the direction of the stock market.

  7. Predict the direction of interest rates.

  8. Receive commissions.

  9. Prepare tax returns.

  10. Prepare trusts.

  11. Offer complex strategies.

  12. Offer get rich quick ideas.

About me


Retired CEO of company with operations in hospitality, real estate and insurance; 950 employees.
Managed security portfolios totaling $375M.
Ernst & Young Alumni. 

BS - California State University, Northridge
MBA - University of Redlands 

Certified Public Accountant – California & Nevada

Licensed Real Estate Broker – California & Nevada

Series 7 Stockbroker license (expired).



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James R Geary, Financial Advisor


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